Ted Jackson | Tour Guide

Ted Jackson

Ted Jackson, born and raised in Summit, New Jersey, has dedicated his life to studying all things outdoors and helping people. His passion started at a very young age when he attended camps and outdoor adventure programs on a regular basis. His outdoor experiences continued to evolve as he grew up.

Ted attended St. Lawrence University and graduated in 2012. He currently has a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology. He specialized in Volcanology, Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology. A majority of his class time was spent observing geological features in the Adirondacks. Ted spent a summer studying abroad in Kenya, conducting field research in the National Parks, assessing all of the natural and human threats that endanger the wildlife and the park’s ecosystem. It is because of his education, Ted researches and inquiries about the geological background of everywhere he travels.

Not long after graduating, Ted served in the Peace Corps and was sent to South Africa. Ted committed his two amazing years of service to teach Health and HIV to upper middle school/lower high school students and hosting weekend camps. Ted spent his downtime exploring most of Southern Africa, backpacking through its many forests, and mountain ranges, while appreciating the regions environmental diversity and wildlife. Ted’s special ability to adapt to any environment and culture enabled him to easily integrate with his host community. Ted was honorably discharged in 2015 for his successful service.

Today, Ted continues his outdoor lifestyle here in Jackson Hole. Since moving here in 2016, he spends his winters snowboarding, and his summers camping, climbing and exploring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. 

When Ted is not outside, he can be found playing his guitar, learning from his favorite artists and teaching his friends.