Stacy Noland | Managing Partner & Tour Director

Stace Noland | Managing Partner & Tour Director
Stace Noland | Managing Partner & Tour Director

Stacy is a managing partner and tour director for Obsidian Cliff Tours, a professional snowboard instructor, recovering technophile, and grunge music fan.

Born in Alabama, Stacy spent his youth hiking, rappelling, and orienteering in the foothills of Appalachia. After graduating from college, Noland heeded the words of the American author Horace Greeley to “go west, young man,” and moved to Seattle where he quickly found his passion for youth development and environmental sustainability.

Subsequently, Stacy spent the early years of his career leading high school youth on multi-week environmental education, conservation, and restoration programs throughout Alaska, New England, the Pacific Northwest, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

In 1996, Stacy discovered his aptitude for technology and thus began a two-decade career as an information communication, marketing, and technology professional, where he held leadership roles at Microsoft, NBC, Symantec, and several boutique marketing firms and technology start-ups.

While at Microsoft, Noland served as a key contributor to the Telecentre Knowledge Network (Telecentre.org), a United Nations-inspired program to educate and alleviate global poverty by connecting two billion people in Africa, India, and China with access to information communication technologies.

In 2007, Stacy launched the Moontown Foundation, an award-winning non-profit organization that provided experiential education and leadership development opportunities in entrepreneurship and sustainability for at-risk youth.

In partnership with the City of Seattle, Noland spearheaded the SWITCH Program, a citywide greenhouse gas reduction, and green jobs program, where participants successfully installed over 1-million energy-efficient lightbulbs and 30+ solar-powered trash compactors throughout Seattle.

In 2014, Stacy decided that he had had enough of the dark and dreary weather of Seattle and the corporate rat race, so he downsized and moved to Jackson, WY to reconnect with his first true professional love, the outdoors.

Mr. Noland studied Applied Psychology at the University of Washington and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Montevallo and is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Mental Health First Aid practitioner.

When not guiding Stacy can be found hosting dinner parties, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and backpacking in wild and scenic places.