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Bob Lichvar

Dr. Robert Lichvar has been a floristic botanist for over 40 years. As a kid in southwestern Pennsylvania, he roamed the mountains wondering what plant this and that was but, in those days, but there were no classes in school that addressed his curiosity.

After serving in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam, he decided to attend college, and there he discovered botany. Since then he has written five floras, published numerous journal papers, and specializes in taxonomic treatments mainly in the Brassicaceae family (mustards) of the western US.

His experiences range from morphological and molecular methods (DNA phylogenetics), landscape ecology, and he has discovered in the field and described six new plant species to science. He has worked botanically throughout the entire US including the arctic in Alaska to rain forests in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Along with years of active research, he has been teaching plant identification for 35 years to Federal and State biologists and several universities. Much of his local knowledge started as a summer Ranger Naturalist in Grand Teton Park in the mid to late ’70s.

It was from those early years in the Tetons that his lifelong interests in the local wildflower’s and the mountains attracted him to return after retiring from Federal service and live in his adopted and beloved home in northwestern Wyoming.